Visitor Information

Thank you for your interest in visiting Faith Church!  We would like our visitors to feel as welcomed as possible. Visitors usually have 3 questions…

1) When do you meet?

Our Sunday meeting times include:

  • 9:45am Sunday School (All Ages)
  • 11:00am Morning Worship
  • 5:00pm Lord’s Supper Service (1st Sunday of the Month)
  • 5:00pm Praise and Prayer (3rd Sunday of the Month)

2) Where Do You Meet?

Our buildings are located at:

110 State Road (or Old State Road) Media, PA 19063

We are a 1/4 of a mile East of Rt. 252/Providence Road, across from Taylor Rental.


3) What Should I Expect When I Visit?

This type of question usually has three sub-questions: what should I wear? what are you like? what do you do?

Dress on Sunday mornings is business casual; Sunday evenings are casual.

On Sunday mornings (as of Fall 2016), our average attendance is around 180.  Our adult congregation is made up of a mix of ages, but we have a large number of young families and lots of children.

Our music on Sunday mornings is a mix of contemporary and traditional worship music and styles. We greatly value the theological depth, richness, and tradition of the old hymns, and so many of the contemporary songs we sing are actually modern adaptations of the old hymn texts. We don’t want our music to be driven by personal tastes, and so above all we seek to be biblical, God-centered, Christ-centered, experiential, expressing in a balanced way the full-range of focus, emotion and response owed by us to God in corporate worship. On some Sundays, you might find our worship mildly liturgical; on others, it will follow more in the tradition of free church worship. Above all, we believe in the primacy of the Word, that our worship is inspired, directed and focused on God’s revelation to us and not on our offering to God. Therefore, the spotlight of our service is on the preaching of the Scriptures. Our sermons are usually around 45 minutes in length.

For a more detailed answer of what to expect, check out our “Who We Are” menu.