Sermon Series

Below are all of Pastor Matt Foreman’s sermon series, listed chronologically beginning with the most recent.  Click any of the links below to be directed to an audio playlist of all the sermons within the selected sermon series.

Current: “Romans: The Power of the Gospel.”

Late Summer/ Early Fall 2022, Mini Series: “The Imperatives of Church Life.”

Spring -Summer 2022: “Daniel: Hope in a Hostile World.

Ongoing: “1 John: Living As Children of God” by Pastor Tom Wisneski

Spring 2019-Spring 2022: “The Gospel of Matthew: Good News of the Promised King.”

Fall 2021, Mini Series: “The Priority of Church Life.

Winter 2021, Mini Series: “The Doctrine of the Word.”

Winter 2021, Mini Series: “The Doctrine of Man.”

Winter 2019: “Foundations for Men and Women of God.”

Spring-Winter 2018: “Hebrews: Looking to Jesus.”

Winter 2018: “Doctrines of Grace.”

Fall-Winter 2017: “Judges: Light in the Darkness.”

Summer 2017:  “The Imperatives of Church Life.”

Spring 2016 – Spring 2017:  “Ephesians: United with Christ.”

Fall – Winter 2015:  “The Angel of the Lord.”

Fall 2014- Summer 2015: “Christ Has Set You Free: The Message of Galatians.”

Winter 2015:  “The Means of Grace.”

Fall 2013-Fall 2014:  “Exodus.”

Late Summer 2013:  “The Love of God.”

Summer 2013:  “Walking By Faith:  Habakkuk.”

Winter – Spring 2013:  “Pursuing True Joy:  Philippians.”

Fall-Winter 2012:  “Life and Death Under the Sun:  Studies in Ecclesiastes.”

Fall 2010-Summer 2012:  “Seeing Jesus: Studies in the Gospel of John.”

Summer 2010: “Know the gospel. Live the gospel. Proclaim the gospel.”