Who We Are

What Is Faith Reformed Baptist Church?

Faith Church is a Reformed Baptist Church located in Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, about 20 minutes from Philadelphia.  The town of Media is half-way between Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware.  (For more information on our community, see the Media Borough or Upper Providence Township websites.)

The Four Imperatives

We believe that healthy church life entails four Imperatives or Commitments:

1) A Commitment to the Word of God, the Gospel. The message of the Bible is the good news of God the Creator revealing Himself to us and doing everything necessary to bring us into relationship with Him. He does this through the final revelation of Himself in Jesus Christ who bore the penalty for our sin and failure on the cross, and now lives to transform our lives by His Spirit.

Recognizing that people aren’t able to come to a knowledge of truth by themselves and interpret the world rightly, we need God’s interpretation and truth in the Bible to direct our lives.

2) A Commitment to Worship. Humans are the only creatures on the face of the earth who are religious creatures, who are ‘meaning’ seekers. This is because we were created for worship and all our lives are spent worshipping something.

We believe that ultimate ‘meaning’ however is to be found in relationship with God, finding satisfaction and fulfillment in exalting who He is and what He has done for us. Mankind is corrupted directly proportionate to its false worship and elevated directly proportionate to its worship of the true God. We want all our lives to be lived conscious of God’s presence and giving Him the honor He is due.

3) A Commitment to Fellowship. God doesn’t intend us to live our lives as independent, isolated individuals. He tells us he is making us into a Building and into a Body, with all parts intricately connected and dependent on each other.

His church is universally diverse: made up of people from every nation, tribe and tongue. He Himself however forms its unity. He intends for us to reflect His love and commitment to us in our love and commitment to one another, living in unity and fellowship that is a foretaste of heaven.

4) A Commitment to Outreach. We believe that God has placed us in Media, PA as part of His plan to bring the powerful message of good news to a world in need of hope and transformation. An essential part of our purpose is to serve the suburbs; to be a church that understands the needs of the suburbs, that challenges and changes the suburbs through word and action.