Missions & Outreach

Missionary Ministry

Faith Church cooperates with other like-minded congregations in church planting and foreign missions throughout the world – including Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

On an individual level, Faith publicly supports the following missionaries:

  • Michael Emadi – Carlingford, Ireland
  • Baruch Maoz – R’shion Letsion, Israel
  • Joshua Rattin – Gulu, Uganda
  • Rick Horne –Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Earl Wright – Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Christie Thawley – Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
  • John Smith? – Middle East
  • Kenyan Missions


We believe we are called to spread the Gospel with our words and our lives. This belief is put into action as we participate in work day projects in the homes of neighbors and loved ones, as well as fundraising efforts and collection drives for needs in Media, Chester, and even Africa and Israel. We also seek to be faithful in the area of Gospel proclamation in our local community.

Do you have gifts of proclaiming the good news of Jesus to others in a relevant and winsome manner? Are you gifted in organizing events or in training others to be more open, making the most of every opportunity? We’d love to hear your ideas and pray along with you to discover how God would use us as a church in this area!